Tar Sands Watch


Tar Sands Watch is an old campaign of the Polaris Institute that was mostly active between 2007 and 2010. Polaris was at the forefront of campaigning to bring broad awareness to the rapidly expanding tar sands industry in Canada. Today, while Polaris is still at the forefront of work on the tar sands, Polaris focuses its work on collaborative (ex: CYCC, Climate Space) and research-oriented activities, including publishing corporate profiles of major pipeline companies (ex: Enbridge), looking at the influence of oil lobbyists and looking at the economic implications of the tar sands.

Below you will find archived materials from our past Tar Sands Watch campaign activities:


Tar Sands Factsheets by issue:

Action related guides:

Windsor Community Roundtable -- A Case Study

On September 25, 2009 a multi-stakeholder roundtable discussion in Windsor “Your Voice Now!” convened to explore the connections between tar sands oil and the impacts on Windsor’s health, environment and economy. With the proximity of Detroit and Sarnia to Windsor, the impacts of the expansion of oil refineries--particularly, the Detroit Marathon Refinery-- will lead to greater air pollution, toxins in the soil, and increased rainwater and watershed contamination. According to Dr. Jim Brophy, “Refining tar sands oil in the southwest section of Detroit will pose a further burden of pollution and ill health…[in] communities that are already suffering from environmentally related disease." A revitalized urban economy and a healthier future for residents of Windsor are possible but only if jobs are developed locally that do not rely on dirty crude from the Alberta tar sands.

The day long roundtable meeting is a prime example of a progressive local initiative that analyzed a national problem--the tar sands--and sought local solutions. The group of twenty-six community activists agreed to the following points:

1) Form a local coalition to deal with ongoing issues, particularly global climate change, pollution and the environment.
2) Increase local education and awareness around environmental health issues.
3) Promote and support green jobs in all sectors, including transportation.

Windsor community members prove that by uniting our voices communities across Canada can and must work to stop more ecological and social devastation!

Roundtable related documents:


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