This reports listing includes different types of publications, from policy analysis to books to toolkits, that the Polaris Institute has authored or jointly produced over the years.

Publication Name Authors Release Date Other Languages
Nine Reasons Why We Should be Suspicious of What TransCanada Tells Us Polaris Institute 2015 Français
County Water Profiles - Short Political, Geographic and Industrial Profiles of Six Counties in Eastern & Central Ontario Daniel Cayley-Daoust 2015 Français
Water Justice Curriculum Project - Investigating Local Water (Grade 9 Science) Rebecca McQuaid 2015 Français
Water Justice Curriculum Project - Water Use and Availability (Grade 9 Geography) Rebecca McQuaid 2015 Français: Partie 1 & Partie 2
Water Justice Curriculum Project - Water Perspectives: Conlict and Action (Grade 10 Civics) Daniel Cayley-Daoust 2015 Français
Ruling - Permanent Peoples' Tribunal, Session on the Canadian Mining Industry, Hearing on Latin America Permanent Peoples' Tribunal 2014 Français, Español
The Bitumen Cliff Tony Clarke, Diane Gibson, Brendan Haley, Jim Stanford 2013  
Big Oil's Oily Grasp: The making of Canada as a Petro-State and how oil money is corrupting Canadian politics Daniel Cayley-Daoust, Richard Girard 2012  
Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa: The Role of False Climate Change Solutions Polaris Institute, Oakland Institute 2011  
Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa: Land Grabs Leave Africa Thirsty Polaris Institute, Oakland Institute 2011  
Carlos Slim: The Worlds Richest Man Tony Clarke, Richard Girard, Sabrina Fernandes 2011  
Corporations, Climate and the United Nations: How Big Business has Seized Control of Global Climate Negotiations Richard Girard, Sabrina Fernandes 2011  
Electric Car Report: What are the Prospects for an Electric Car Industry in Canada and is this a Real or False Solution for Climate Change Richard Girard 2011  
Reflections on the G20 and the Crisis of Global Economic Governance Tony Clarke 2011  
The CEO Water Mandate (Factsheet)   2010  
Towards a Clean Energy Economy (Brochure)   2010  
A Dirty Little Secret: Canada's Global Warming Engine Jessie Kalman 2009  
Bottled Watergate:Why is the Federal Government spending millions of tax dollars on bottled water? Joe Cressy 2009  
Campus Water Fountains: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Richard Girard 2009  
Murky Waters: The Urgent Need for Health and Environmental Regulations of the Bottled Water Industry Catherine Trottier, Paul Ferguson, Verda Cook, Zoe Maggio, Joe Cressy 2009  
Smith Falls Bottles Water: Local Concerns and Outstanding Questions Joe Cressy, Richard Girard 2009  
The Corporate Stranglehold over the United Nations: How Big Business Already Wields Significant Power over the UN Water Agenda Richard Girard 2009  
Toxic Trail Exposure: Youth Delegation Tracks Tar Sands in Great Lakes Region   2009  
Watered Down: Overcoming Federal Inaction on the Impact of Oil Sands Development to Water Resources Alberta Wilderness Assoc., Environmental Defence, Keepers of the Athabasca, Pembina Institute, Polaris Institute, Sierra Club Canada, Water Matters Society Alberta 2009  
Boiling Point: Six community profiles of the water crisis facing First Nations within Canada Andrea Harden, Holly Levalliant 2008  Français
Monsanto Map (Infographic)   2008  
Strategic Petroleum Reserves for Canada Parkland Institute, Polaris Institute 2008 Français
Tar Sands Showdown (Book) Tony Clarke 2008  
Turning on Canada's Tap?: Why We Need a Pan-Canadian Policy and Strategy Now on Bulk Water Exports to the US Tony Clarke 2008

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Short Version

Water Stewardship: Ensuring a Secure Future of California Agriculture Polaris Institute, California Agricultural Water Stewardship Initiative 2008  
Campus Exclusivity Contracts: Dasani or Aquafina. Coca-Cola or Pepsi. What choices do you really have?   2007  
Wetting California's Appetite: The Water Challenge For Sustainable Agriculture Katy Mamen 2007  
Boots On The Ground: Canadian Military Operations in Afghanistan and UN Peacekeeping Missions Bill Robinson 2006  
Fueling Fortress America: A Report on the Athabasca Tar Sands and U.S. Demands for Canada's Energy Hugh McCullum 2006  
Achieving Space Security: A Preliminary Action Inquiry for a Canadian Campaign to Prevent the Weaponization of Space Steven Staples 2005  
Inside The Bottle: An Exposé of the Bottled Water Industry (Book) Tony Clarke 2005 Français , Español
It's Never Enough: Canada's Alarming Rise in Military Spending Steven Staples, Bill Robinson 2005  
Monsanto & Genetic Engineering: Risks for Investors: Analysis of Company Performance on Intangible Investment Risk Factors and Value Drivers Innoveest Strategic Value Advisors, David MacDonald 2005  
National Insecurity: Bowing to U.S. 'Security' Demands will make Canadians less Secure Tony Clarke, Murray Dobbin, Ed Finn 2005  
Biotech Industry Organization (BIO) -  A Bio of BIO: Lobbying for Biotech Corporations   2003  
Making The Links: A Peoples Guide to the World Trade Organization and the Free Trade Area of the Americas Tony Clarke, Maude Barlow 2003 Français
Power Play at Cancun and Miami: U.S. Corporate Pushers at the WTO and FTAA Ministerials (Brochure)   2003  
Ten Ways Globalization Promotes Militarism Steven Staples 2003  
Unpacking the Agro Biotech Engines: How the leading seed and agrochemical corporations are driving the biotech agenda Kimiko Inouye 2003  
Breaking Rank: A Citizens' Review of Canada's Military Spending Steven Staples 2002  
A Guide to the Enron Collapse:
A Few Points for a Clearer
Darren Puscas 2002  
Galloping Gene Giants: How Big Corporations are Re-Organizing Their Push for a Biotech Future and What Can Be Done to Challenge this Agenda Tony Clarke, Kimiko Inouye 2002  
Regulating Genetic Engineering...for Profit: A Guide to Corporate Power and Canada's Regulation of Genetically Engineered Foods Lucy Sharratt 2002  
Say No to Genetically Engineered Seeds (Factsheet)   2002  
Unpacking the Pharma Biotech Engines: How the Leading Pharmaceutical Corporations are Driving the Biotech Agenda Kimiko Inouye 2002  
Waiting in the Wings! How For-Profit Health Corporations are Planning to Cash-In on the Privatization of Medicare in Canada Darren Puscas 2002  
By What Authority! Tony Clarke 1999  
Dismantling Corporate Rule Tony Clarke, International Forum on Globalization 1995