Why Donate
The Polaris Institute develops tools for research, education and actions enabling social movements to challenge the power wielded by corporations in public policy making and bring about democratic social change. This important work would not be possible without support from individuals like you.

Receiving no government or corporate funding, Polaris Institute is reliant on support from individuals and organizations to ensure the continuity of our work.

We welcome donations to support any and all of our work, including our sponsored campaigns. If you would like to designate your donation to Polaris Institute specifically to one aspect of our work, just let us know!

For any questions or comments, please contact: polaris (at) or call 613-237-1717x101

Note: the Polaris Institute is a registered non-profit organization in Canada and has 501c3 charitable status in the United States If you live in the United States and would like to make a $US donation and receive a tax receipt, please contact us for information.