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Salt Lake City mayor discourages bottled water

By karl - Posted on 15 December 2006

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Mayor Rocky Anderson is telling City Hall staff that some water is bad for the environment.

Anderson has asked employees to voluntarily stop supplying bottled water for public meetings and other events. He mentioned the pollution-causing energy required to deliver bottles and the impact on landfills where empties often go to die.

And there's another reason to skip bottled water: Anderson said the stuff flowing from public taps is clean and safe.

"One has to wonder why anyone would transport French or Swiss water for consumption in Salt Lake City," the mayor said in a memo.

The chief executive of Wasatch IceWater Co., based in Park City, agrees that bottles in landfills are a problem. Bob Sasser said his company's water, which comes from a well in the mountains, is sold in collapsible bottles.

Sasser won't concede anything when it comes to taste.

"I'm not a big fan of drinking chlorine or any of the chemicals they have to put in to purify water," he said.


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