Yinka Dene Alliance Freedom Train – Tar sands to pipelines

Activist Communiqué: Yinka Dene Alliance Freedom Train –- Tar sands to pipelines

The Yinka Dene Alliance is taking a Freedom Train across Canada to enforce their legal ban on the Enbridge Northern Gateway oil pipelines and tankers project, and to stand up for their freedom to choose their own future.

A large delegation of Yinka Dene people will travel with allied First Nations from their traditional territories in northern B.C. all the way to Toronto, with events in Jasper, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg along the route.

Global Civil Society Calls on Governments to Strengthen, Not Weaken, UNCTAD's Role in Global Governance

22 April 2012
Sign-on Letter with 38 International and 137 National Organizations from Across the Globe Delivered to Negotiators at UNCTAD XIII in Doha (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development)

Today, global civil society called on negotiators at the 13th quadrennial conference of the UN Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD XIII, to ensure that conference strengthens UNCTAD's role on keys issues of global economic governance and financial reform.

(English Letter ; Lettre en Français)

Civil Society Letter to the Canadian Museum of Nature - Barrick Out

Meg Beckel
President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Museum of Nature

Museum management

Dear Ms. Beckel,

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our concern regarding the Canadian Museum of Nature's decision to accept funds from the Barrick Gold Corporation to create the "Barrick Salon" within the museum. We believe that this partnership and the public promotion of the Barrick Gold Corporation in the Museum represent clear contradictions of the museum's values and that the acceptance by the museum of money in exchange for honouring and promoting Barrick Gold will have negative consequences that extend far beyond the reputation of this museum.

Barrick Out of the Canadian Museum of Nature!

(Français suit)

Barrick Out of the Canadian Museum of Nature!

You are invited to the People’s Exhibit on Barrick Gold!

When: April 24th, 4:30 pm, Tuesday, April 24 2012
Where: In front of the main entrance of the Canadian Museum of Nature (facing Metcalfe St.)
240 McLeod St. Ottawa, unceded Algonquin Territory

To invite your friends via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/196060743844592/

On Tuesday, April 24, Ottawa’s Museum of Nature will celebrate a new partnership with Barrick Gold Corporation with the unveiling of the “Barrick Salon”. Barrick Gold is a Canadian mining company based in Toronto with horrendous records of environmental destruction, and human, labor and Indigenous rights violations around the world, including but not limiting to Chile, Argentina, Peru, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea.

Urgent Action needed to protect the Human Right to Water and Sanitation!

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As you read this, The United Nations’ historic 2010 recognition of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation is coming under severe threat from a number of governments at the United Nations who want to see the recognition disappear. Canada is one of the countries leading this assault by pushing for the removal of any mention of the recognition of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation from the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio + 20, Earth Summit) negotiating text which will frame the discussions at the Rio + 20 conference in June.

Bottled Water Free Day 2012! - Journée sans eau embouteillée 2012!

(le français suit)

For Immediate Release

Backing the Tap: Campuses lead the way for Bottled Water Free Day 2012

March 15th 2012

As Canadians prepare to celebrate the 3rd annual Bottled Water Free Day, the movement to back the tap is taking flight with the next generation of tap water drinkers.

Twelve new campuses across Canada have committed to phasing-out the sale and consumption of bottled water since last year’s Bottled Water Free Day, doubling the number of officially pro-tap campuses to 23. These include Concordia University, Sherbrooke University, Carleton University and the University of Toronto.

Controversy Erupts as U of Alberta Appoints CEO of Nestlé to Water Committee

See below for letter from Tony Clarke to U of Alberta President.

February 29, 2012

Ms. Indira Samarasekera


University of Alberta

Dear President Samarasekera,

I am writing to express deep concerns about the University of Alberta’s increasing involvement with the Nestlé Corporation over water issues. Not only is your University about to award an honorary degree to the CEO of Nestlé, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, but perhaps even more importantly, he is also being invited to become a prominent member of the water advisory council that you are in the process of establishing at the University.

African Land Grabs - Fueling Water and Climate Crises

The Role of False Climate Change Solutions

In the trend of large-scale agricultural land acquisitions in Sub-Saharan Africa “green investments” such as the production of agrofuels and agroforestry developments, are upheld as climate solutions, and are being used to justify, promote, and accelerate massive land grabs. Yet, even as research indicates that the expansion of industrial agriculture on African soil is likely to aggravate the heating of the planet, market mechanisms like carbon trade and carbon credits are providing a “green cover” for current land grabs.

This publication was written by the Polaris Institute for the Oakland Institute.

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New Report: Outing the Oligarchy - "Billionaires Who Benefit From Today’s Climate Crisis"

This new massive report by the International Forum on Globalization outlines how many of the worlds richest people are benefiting from the ongoing climate crisis and how their massive networks of influence and power are stalling efforts to phase out fossil fuel dependence.

The Polaris Institute drafted one section of the report on Carlos Slim, the world's richest man, and the power he holds throughout Mexico and the Americas.

Download the Polaris report on Carlos Slim (HERE)

To read the full report visit the IFG site:

La Via Campesina Durban Declaration

Assembly of the Oppressed, 5th December 2011, Durban, South Africa

Articles pictures and videos from Durban on www.viacampesina.org

As the Assembly of the Oppressed we are gathered here to demand the transformation of the entire neo liberal capitalist system. The fight against climate change is a fight against neo liberal capitalism, landlessness, dispossession, hunger, poverty and the re-colonization of the territories of the people’s of Africa and the global South. We are here to declare that direct action is the only weapon of the oppressed people of the world to end all forms of oppression in the world.