Get Big Oil Out of Alberta Education!

Online e-action engine Sum Of Us recently sent out an action alert explaining that Education Alberta has asked Syncrude, Cenovus and Suncor to help draft "Alberta’s future curriculum" from kindergarten to grade 12.

This is worrying and should be denounced. It represents yet another example of the Canadian Petro-State. Large for-profit corporations should not be allowed in our classrooms.

Take action here!

Canada's push to privatize water services

Originally posted in the Winter edition of Public Sector Digest.

December 2013

The WTO pushes through bad deal in the final hours; Developed countries and TNCs are the big winners


The 9th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) pushed through a Bali Package in the final hours, extending the Conference to December 7, but at the cost of the developing countries, the poor and the hungry.

Facilitating Trade for TNCs

Museum’s tar sands funding pollutes Snow exhibit, says snowperson

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Snowpeople are now distancing themselves from controversial tar sands funding of the Museum of Civilisation from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP). This morning a Snowperson protested the funding arrangement with a sign saying ‘CAPP pollutes snow’.

Call to Defend Peoples' Rights Against Corporate Power outside WTO ministerial in Bali

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Polaris Institute's Tony Clarke and Richard Girard along with thousands of activists from hundreds of social movements are in Bali this week to challenge the World Trade Organization during its 9th Ministerial. Here is a press release from the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power where Polaris is playing a leading role:


Demands increase for international mechanisms to punish transnational corporations’ crimes

International Peoples Treaty: “Defending peoples’ rights against corporate power”

P3s and the privatization of water in Canada

(le français suit) Polaris continues to monitor the recent tendancy of federal (through PPP Canada) and provincial governments to widely promote private public partnerships, especially in the water services sector in Canada. A recent loss in Regina, where a popular referendum was lost 43% - 57% despite considerable popular pressure and dubious economic calculations, signals that research, public pressure and mobilization is more important than ever.

Mining Violations: Canada's Responsibility

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The organizing for a Permanent Peoples Tribunal on the Canadian mining industry has begun! Starting with a focus on the activities of the Canadian mining activities in Latin America in May 2014, the tribunal will collect testimonies from affected communities and experts to highlight violations of rights and the involvement of the Canadian state in perpetuating these wrongdoings.

If you are interested in finding out more about the tribunal and getting involved, please email: daniel (at)


Violations minières: la responsabilité du Canada

Another Project approval raises further questions in Alberta’s motive to stop at nothing to develop in the region

Press Release by ACFN

October 22, 2013 – Fort McMurray, Alberta – Yesterday the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) released their decision on the Teck drilling applications. The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN), who submitted concerns triggering a public hearing, are disappointed with the decision and the entire Regulatory process.

Teck Resources Limited applied for licence to drill 177 tar sands evaluation wells within the territory of the ACFN on the west side of Athabasca River within critical habitat of the Ronald Lake Bison herd. The wells are being drilled to support the proposed Frontier Oil Sands Mine Project, which is also under a review.

Canadian Mining Company Infinito Gold Seeks to Extort $1 Billion from Costa Rica

Thursday, October 10, 2013
As organizations in Canada and Quebec, we are appalled that Calgary-based Infinito Gold has decided to sue the Government of Costa Rica for $1-billion under the Canada-Costa Rica bilateral investment treaty. This is just the latest - and arguably most disturbing - attempt by Infinito management to intimidate the people, court system and government of Costa Rica over their rightful decision not to approve the controversial Crucitas gold mine near the San Juan River system.

Global organizations mobilize to oppose Belo Sun mining activities in Brazilian Amazon

Video produced by Brazil-based Canadian documentary maker Todd Southgate.

Also check out this Avaaz grassroots petition launched by Brazil based Social-Environmental Institute - ISA.

See the press release below referencing a letter that Polaris signed:

Canadian Mining Project Seeks License Despite Environmental Irregularities

Global organizations mobilize to oppose Belo Sun mining activities in Brazilian Amazon