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Call to Defend Peoples' Rights Against Corporate Power outside WTO ministerial in Bali

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Polaris Institute's Tony Clarke and Richard Girard along with thousands of activists from hundreds of social movements are in Bali this week to challenge the World Trade Organization during its 9th Ministerial. Here is a press release from the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power where Polaris is playing a leading role:


Demands increase for international mechanisms to punish transnational corporations’ crimes

International Peoples Treaty: “Defending peoples’ rights against corporate power”

Stand With ACFN to Challenge Shell's Jackpine Expansion!

The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation are bringing forward a question of constitutional law before the Joint Review panel challenging the application of Shell Oil's Jackpine Mine Expansion on October 23rd in Fort McMurray, AB. They are asking the public to join them and stand in solidarity as they present their evidence against Shell's proposed tar sands expansion project.

For more information about Shell's proposals and ACFN's Challenge please visit

Civil Society Letter to the Canadian Museum of Nature - Barrick Out

Meg Beckel
President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Museum of Nature

Museum management

Dear Ms. Beckel,

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our concern regarding the Canadian Museum of Nature's decision to accept funds from the Barrick Gold Corporation to create the "Barrick Salon" within the museum. We believe that this partnership and the public promotion of the Barrick Gold Corporation in the Museum represent clear contradictions of the museum's values and that the acceptance by the museum of money in exchange for honouring and promoting Barrick Gold will have negative consequences that extend far beyond the reputation of this museum.